Turn on the fireplace before reading my article below!


                                                           “The Old Logs Are Still Smoking.”

Have you ever watched an old seasoned log still smoking in a fireplace, and then suddenly a blaze of fire erupts! The seasoned big log and it’s hot coals from within causes that bursting forth of flame that is seen even in the thick darkness looming over a vast area. People who ignore the makings of keeping such seasoned wood and hot coals on fire will get a rude awakening when they need that fire to keep them alive, and hot!

It would be totally foolish if one took out those old logs that are smoking and the super hot coals on the bottom of that fireplace before they are ashes, and think they could get a fire going’ by throwing  new green logs in the fireplace. After all, even if you throw gasoline on those new green logs, the fire would go out within a short period of time!

We need the hot coals and the old seasoned logs to have a great fire! Then when we add a few green logs in to burn with the hot coals and old seasoned logs, the fire will still burn nice, with a little more smoke that reaches our noses and ever human fiber that makes our senses feel down home good! I just love a good fire place smell, cracking and a fire that looks like it will last all night! Don’t you? So what does this have to do with our country music business Gang?

Well, This, True Country Music Lovers know what I’m trying to say here,  but, to make sure everyone knows, pay attention to how serious it is for “New Country Radio””” and Corporate Big Media to stay in the direction they have been going for years now!

Country music lovers,  love the “HOME-MADE” fires that have a great smell that seems to reach ever fiber of their human senses. Families are brought together to have good times and much fun! Young and older family members gather around to play, sing and tell stories that build each other up to keep families strong and united! Senior members have always been highly respected within the families of country music people everywhere! Nobody would cut off the respected men and women who brought us great country music for 30, 40, 50 and more years! The young artists always let the older artist be heard first, if they so desired to be heard. And if an old timer wanted us to hear a new song they made, we’d look forward in hearing it! What happen to that respect for each other Gang? 

City folk love the “““Fast-lane” and they rushed in with their “Big”” money to make more “Big” money! I know, “Not all” city folk are like that, cause many of our country people moved to town and city life to make a living, but,  some forget what our great country was like years ago, and out of sight, out of mind! I say it’s about time we all wake up though! For “New Country Radio” and it’s BIG MEDIA corporations have segregated our true country music lives! We are not united anymore! These City terrorist have cut the “Life-Line” of our Country Music Legendary Stars! Cut the legendary stars “NEW” recordings out of their media programs to the point that our country music lovers everywhere don’t even know if the legendary stars are still living!

What’s even more sad is these “BIG” media types in the fast lane are getting burnt by their own temporary fires that they try and build. They Have taken the old seasoned logs (George Jones, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and so many others;  and the hot coals (Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Conway Twitty and so many others who have pass away)  out of our GREAT COUNTRY! Our Country is loosing it’s beautiful smelling fire! 

These Fast-lane City Big Corporate types are just putting green logs (The new young stars only) in their fireplaces, and they seem to keep putting “Lighting Fluid” on their fires thinking they can keep the fire burning through good times and bad times! Do they really think true country people will stick around to smell such a “Lighting-fluid” fires? Have you ever started a fire with lighting-fluid and tried to keep a fire going with green logs and no seasoned logs or hot coals? Trying to start a good fire without seasoned logs is mad! And to keep a fire burning without hot coals is crazy!

Remember one thing Gang! EVERY star, young or old needs their “Life-Line” in order to stay alive in this business! The Big Media is that “Life-Line” and the ones who have “TOO-MUCH CONTROL” of these markets are killing our legendary Stars before they want to retire! Help the legendary stars anyway you can, complaining to the media at all levels, telling them that you, a country music lover, want to hear the NEW recordings coming from those “Old seasoned Logs”, our country music legendary stars! Don’t listen to their stupid reasons why you can not hear those new recordings of our legendary stars! AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE…. WEAR OUR OUTLAW SHIRT and every time you go to a Country event and Concert, wear it to show the main stream radio you agree with this article and you want them to spin the new country music coming from our Seasoned stars over the age of forty.

Remember this, the young stars of today, will be the legendary stars of tomorrow! Will we hear super-stars like Toby Keith in twenty years from now, if he wants to come out with another recording? That’s up to us! What we collectively do about it now! What will you do? United we stand! And divided we will fall! They want us to be divided and not united on this cause Gang! They also feel we have already fallen and will never realize what they did to our great country system of things we had! 

Tell them, country music lovers have a heritage that needs to be respected! We want them to leave our Homemade fires alone! Put those old logs and hot coals back in our fires! We don’t mind you throwing lots Green Logs (Young stars) in our COUNTRY fires, which has been so hot, great, strong, long lasting and successful,  way before you came in to existence! We need a fire that will benefit all…… “ALL”,  country music lovers and stars! Stop trying to segregate us as a COUNTRY! We will stay united! As strong families enjoying our COUNTRY airwaves together! They are not your airwaves! Young and Older stars need their “““LIFE-LINES” it’s media, for out of sight and out of hearing, there is no demand, and the store supply will never be there! We do not want our COUNTRY to die! And we will prevent you from killing it! 

The Late George Jones has many brand new recordings you have not heard yet! Unless you go to his personal website you won’t know this! You can’t purchase his NEW recordings in music stores for BIG media has prevented you from seeing and hearing his great country music! And George Jones and his family are not the only legendary star that‘s been hurt Gang. There are many like him who are in the same position and the media tells you it can’’t be helped! Why? Are there any good reasons? NO!!!

It’s still not too late Gang! “The Old Logs Are Still Smoking”, many are still breathing and recording great country music! Like KENNY ROGERS new release……. “YOU CAN’T MAKE OLD FRIENDS”, and sings with DOLLY PARTON…..  Don’t let the Big Media moguls and it’s ““NEW COUNTRY RADIO” professionals keep too much control over our American Media markets to the point of burying our legendary stars with their new recordings you haven’t heard! You’d be surprised how many legendary stars BIG media has cut from their operations Gang! Ones like Travis Tritt, Randy Travis, Clint Black, Hank Williams Jr, Alan Jackson and so many others!

They may have control of our media markets, but, they don’t have control of our tongs, our words, our hands, our feet, our friends, our fans, our families, and our minds! They can not stop us from traveling to other country music lovers and planning our next move to help our country music business! Spread the word Gang! And let’s do something about this unfair business practice against our heritage! Let’’’s do something about it!

You country music ““independent-stars”  have a lot to gain…. if you will help our legendary stars get some control back from our media markets in favor of our older stars. Think of this, if the legendary stars continue having trouble getting their new recordings heard…  and keep in mind,  they are well seasoned,  and well known,  in COUNTRY all ready…  how much more of a problem will you find getting heard or known? You have found places like NASHVILLE closing their doors on more,  and more artists,  every day haven’t you?  And it will get worse as time ticks onward! If you think you are using the other means to get heard, like the internet, satellite, and other new technology of today, please don’t fool yourselves in thinking the BIG HATS won’t work hard to get more control of those markets. After all,  they know we are not able to stop what they are doing to the seasoned country stars on the FM and AM main stream radio at present time. We either unite on what I have worked hard on for over twenty years now…..   Or you will find it harder, and harder,  to get heard by corporate media and it’s New Country Radio! MARK MY WORDS! They want total control of the music markets!

By wearing this OUTLAW Shirt at every country music event you go to, you are showing that NEW COUNTRY RADIO and the main stream media corporations are discriminating, Segregating, and they are conducting unfair Business practice that is not good for you, and yours…….  And the seasoned older country stars….   And all independent stars, fans, family, friends and all country music lovers everywhere! You will be shooting this message at the very ones who are causing this crisis, and who must come to realize that not spinning the new country music of our seasoned stars over the age of forty, is like taking the old logs and hot coals out of our COUNTRY Fire! And our COUNTRY will soon die! 

They have already managed to make our great COUNTRY STINK… with the “Lighting-fluid””…  they keep spraying on our FM and AM Radio airwaves by trying to keep the green logs blazing!   Let’s get back a good smelling hot country mixed with the old logs, hot coals….. and green logs,  a perfect COUNTRY blend with the purpose of having a COUNTRY that will last forever! Making everyone in our COUNTRY happy, and satisfied! 

End of article!

Updated article from 2001.

Feb. 5, 2014


BY Jimmy Stix